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Kohli foundation of Costa Rica was established by Mr. Tej Kohli in 2006 to help kids in Costa Rica break out of their poverty-stricken more

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“Nurturing the kids of today so that they can become the productive workers and leaders of tomorrow, the Tej Kohli Foundation are setting an example all businesses would do well to follow.” Javier Gutierrez... Read what others are saying


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Social Entrepreneur Tej Kohli gives Aid

"Children are the future & we have to give them something to live for."- Tej Kohli tej kohli

San Jose, Costa Rica, April 12, 2006
Heading down to the geographically diverse lands of Costa Rica, one can find magic in the jungles or stirring beauty along the coastline. Unfortunately, it's easy for many visitors to overlook the poverty inherent to much of the nation.

Thankfully, Tej Kohli was one man who couldn't just look away. He had emigrated from India to this Central American nation a few years ago, but gradually came to notice the economic instability faced by many of its citizens. And that's why the 48-year-old native of New Delhi chose to open his pockets to help others - Costa Rica's impoverished children - attend better schools with better facilities in the hopes that a solid education would be the key to breaking the cycle of the nation's poverty.

"I was visiting the Guanacaste province once and met several needy children and their families. I decided to set up a foundation and started funding their education, and in many cases, other forms of assistance, especially for handicapped children," explains Tej Kohli. "Children are the future and we have to give them something to live for."

Mr. Kohli has lived those words, by so far contributing $300,000 to his foundation since starting it in 2003 and helping a steadily growing number of students - first 12 of them, but currently 72 and hopes of reaching 125 of them next year. Tej is glad to help, since he himself has been very fortunate as the owner of Grafix Softech, an India-based firm hat builds payment gateways and credit card interfaces for interactive software.

"I'm just happy to help spread a little bit of happiness into their lives," says Tej. "And as we grow we'll help a lot more people have a chance at a lasting, brighter future."

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