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Tej Kohli foundation of Costa Rica was established by Mr. Tej Kohli in 2006 to help kids in Costa Rica break out of their poverty-stricken more about Tej Kohli

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“Nurturing the kids of today so that they can become the productive workers and leaders of tomorrow, the Tej Kohli Foundation are setting an example all businesses would do well to follow.” Javier Gutierrez... Read what others are saying


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Tej Kohli Foundation announces alignment with PARROGUIA JESUS DE NAZARET Church

Tej Kohli Foundation spreads cheer on Christmas tej kohli


January 01, 2008

Tej Kohli Foundation, founded by notable social entrepreneur Mr. Tej Kohli, who has drawn strength from his globally diversified businesses, resources and experience has announced their alignment with the PARROGUIA JESUS DE NAZARET church where meals will be provided to the poor and under privileged children.

Presently The Tej Kohli Foundation is helping out 700-800 kids per day and has plans to tie up with 4 more missionaries to extend the same services to 4000 kids a day; in addition The Foundation also has weekend meal facility. On the joyous occasion of Christmas, Tej Kohli, visited the church and distributed gifts among poor children.

About Tej Kohli Foundation

Seeking to improve the quality of life of children and youth in Costa Rica, the Tej Kohli foundation works with community leaders, schools and other organizations establishing playrooms, educational programs and day-care facilities for the underprivileged children in Costa Rica. The foundation has also sponsored many like-minded organizations and support groups in similar respects.

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