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Tej Kohli foundation of Costa Rica was established by Mr. Tej Kohli in 2006 to help kids in Costa Rica break out of their poverty-stricken more about Tej Kohli

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“Nurturing the kids of today so that they can become the productive workers and leaders of tomorrow, the Tej Kohli Foundation are setting an example all businesses would do well to follow.” Javier Gutierrez... Read what others are saying


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Tej Kohli - A Man with Ideas

"Mr. Tej Kohli, has a lot of ideas, and a man with ideas can change the world."
   - Mayor Manuel Arredondo
tej kohli

Manuel Arredondo is proud to see the progress that's been made in his humble town in the five years since he became mayor. He gladly guides visitors to the new sports field, points out the freshly painted schoolhouses, and touts the improved test scores of the students there.

But even more, Arredondo takes pride and speaks with gratitude for the help that one man has provided on all these fronts. He offers thanks for Tej Kohli, the founder of the interactive software firm Grafix Softech who brought a wave of new ideas for the area as well as the money to implement it when he launched a series of charitable projects upon his arrival in Costa Rica nearly ten years ago.

"That man, Mr. Tej Kohli, has a lot of ideas, and a man with ideas can change the world," says Arredondo with an impressed smile on his face. "That's the real lesson he's taught me, but thanks to all the help he's giving our schoolchildren, they are learning many other lessons as well."

Indeed, since launching Grafix Softech in 1999, Tej Kohli has profited greatly from his innovative approach to creating interactive solutions to the many problems that businesses face. But more importantly, he's realized the greatness of giving back to the world around him - and that's why he's poured nearly $200,000 of his own personal funds into the Tej Kohli Foundation in an attempt to make his new neighbors' lives easier both now and in the future.

And that's why customers should know that when they rely on Grafix software, they're not just helping their own business; they're creating great opportunities for others. It's a great way to deal with the world.

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