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Seeks to strengthen the community by improving opportunities and life outcomes for all under-previleged people in Costa Rica. Tej Kohli Foundation supports members of the nonprofit sector who are exploring creative alternatives and promoting more just, effective approaches to meet community needs.... read more

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“Nurturing the kids of today so that they can become the productive workers and leaders of tomorrow, the Tej Kohli Foundation are setting an example all businesses would do well to follow.” Javier Gutierrez... read more


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The Kohli Foundation makes a girls' dream come true

A dream fulfilled by The Tej Kohli Foundation

San Jose, Costa Rica, Nov 14, 2007
Alicia Garcia was a 19-year-old with a dream of becoming a chemist. But her poor condition in Costa Rica assured her that destiny had other plans.
Thankfully, the Kohli Foundation was available to help her carry on with her studies after she managed to graduate from high school with honors. The homegrown charitable organization started by entrepreneur Tej Kohli paid for her collegiate education in organic chemistry and enabled her to have a career which has improved not only her life but that of her entire village.
“Without Mr. Tej Kohli and his charity, I don’t know how my life would be right now,” says Garcia. “By learning chemistry, I’ve been able to help improve my village’s water supply and improve the way we grow our crops.”
The Kohli Foundation was founded in 2003 by Kohli, a native of New Delhi, India who immigrated to Costa Rica as an adult after launching the software company Grafix Softech in Hyderabad, India. Since its inception in 1999, Grafix Softech has flourished, building a staff of 150 that works towards helping businesses establish business-to-business e-commerce platforms that build payment gateways and credit card interfaces for interactive software.
Seeing his own personal success grow at such a great scale, Kohli took a look around him during a visit to a friend in the Guan caste region of Costa Rica and noticed that there were many children who were either homeless or otherwise impoverished. He decided to step in and help, particularly in providing good educations that could help these children break the cycle of poverty, and his efforts have grown from helping an initial 12 children per year to 72 kids now and plans for assisting 125 next year.
But just as poverty knows no national boundaries, Kohli is determined to push his charitable efforts even further in the future – to help children like Alicia all over the planet.

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