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Tej Kohli foundation of Costa Rica was established by Mr. Tej Kohli in 2006 to help kids in Costa Rica break out of their poverty-stricken more about Tej Kohli

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“Nurturing the kids of today so that they can become the productive workers and leaders of tomorrow, the Tej Kohli Foundation are setting an example all businesses would do well to follow.” Javier Gutierrez... Read what others are saying


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Tej Kohli foundation helps teen play baseball

Tej Kohli foundation's investment in youth, funded a new baseball field to play on tej kohli

San Jose, Costa Rica, April 11, 2006
It's a long way from the world of major league baseball's playoffs in the U.S. to the hardscrabble sandlots of Costa Rica. That is, if you can find sandlots at all amid the shantytowns and villages in the impoverished nation, where baseball nonetheless is played with a passion second only to soccer.

Yet it's here that young Manuel Sanchez takes his weathered bat and scuffed mitt, that's too small, out to play nearly every day after school. Playing with the gusto of his favorite big-leaguer, Alex Rodriguez, he has dreams of following his idol into life in the majors and out of poverty - taking his family and friends with him for the ride. After all, he knows what kind of impact $25 million a year can have on a man's life.

Maybe Manuel's dreams are too big to achieve, but thanks to the money spent by another man from afar - Indian native Tej Kohli, who emigrated to Costa Rica after building a fortune through his business, Grafix Software - he's finally getting a level playing field in the literal sense. As part of the Tej Kohli Foundation's investment in the youth of his town, Manuel just got a new baseball field to play on.

"I couldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes, but we finally have good grass and straight base paths and white bases to slide into," says the youth, his face glowing with excitement. "And now that I see someone has believed in the kids like me, I know I can believe in myself."

And with that newfound sense of self-esteem brought by their new benefactor Tej Kohli, kids like Manuel Sanchez are facing the future with pride and excitement.

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